Triathlon recognized as a kind of sports with “development potential” in Kazakhstan

In 2020, the Kazakhstan triathlon reaches a new level of development. This became known after the announcement of the Order of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the approval of the republican list of priority sports. Based on the results of the ranking of sports and scoring by all criteria, the triathlon was added to group “B” as an Olympic sport with development potential in Kazakhstan. Inclusion of triathlon into group “B” proved that the Kazakhstan Triathlon Federation under the leadership of the president of the Federation K.K. Massimov has chosen the right direction of development.

In accordance with the criteria, at the time of approval of the rules, i.e. in 2017, the triathlon was included in group “C” as a kind of sports with a low level of development potential in the country. But the accomplished two-year large-scale work of the Federation aimed at the development and popularization of the triathlon in the country received its corresponding appraisal. Inclusion to group “B” means that Kazakhstan’s triathlon will receive more attention and funding. This will directly affect not only the increased motivation of athletes and coaching staff, but also the improvement of the necessary infrastructure in the regions, the quality of training athletes, and the optimization of their gear and sports equipment.

It is worth noting that in addition to the triathlon, 18 more sports were included in the group “B” of summer Olympic sports: horse riding, rowing, synchronized swimming, basketball, trampoline, rowing slalom, classic volleyball, handball, bullet shooting, rugby, rock climbing, archery, diving, fencing, gymnastics, cycling and soccer.

Let us remind you that in 2017 the Ministry of Culture and Sports adopted the Rules for ranking sports in the Republic of Kazakhstan. It was expected that these innovations would ensure transparency and balance in the sports financing system in all regions.

Sports ranking means determining the level of development of a kind of sports depending on sporting achievements at international sporting events, the national and cultural tradition of sports, the availability of human resources, the material and technical base, mass character and the characteristics of a kind of sports, depending on the climatic conditions of the region. According to the ranking rules, there are three types of groups into which various sports have been distributed. Group “A” includes developed sports, group “B” - sports having potential, and finally, group “C” - sports with low potential. Ranking is carried out for every last two calendar years at the republican level. The priority level of a kind of sports is determined in accordance with objective indicators and criteria, excluding subjectivity.